Smoking Cessation

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in Australia. Cigarette smoke contains more than 7000 chemicals and many of them can cause cancer.

Smoking damages almost every organ and every cigarette contributes to the damage caused. From the moment you stop smoking however, your body begins to repair itself and you will start noticing the benefits quite quickly.

Everyone experiences a different journey before quitting smoking successfully.

For some people this may be easy, others find it more difficult. The good news is that there are many ways to quit smoking and many resources to support you along the way.

Make sure you have a personal ‘quit plan’ that you can refer to when you need. Your quit plan can include:

  • A quit date
  • The reasons why you want to quit
  • A plan to deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • A list of your smoking ‘triggers’ and how to manage them
  • A plan to transform your home and car into a ‘smoke-free zone’
  • Your method of quitting smoking
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Gradually Cutting Down to Quit

Gradually cutting down means slowly reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke each day until you stop completely. This is a good way to start if you are not quite ready to quit smoking now.

You can gradually reduce your smoking by increasing the time between cigarettes or the number of cigarettes you smoke each day until you reach your goal of quitting.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

NRT delivers small, measured doses of nicotine to help reduce physical withdrawal symptoms without the dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes. It can help you quit smoking successfully.

NRT is available in pharmacies and comes as patches, chewing gum, nasal and oral sprays, inhalers, lozenges, or tablets. Using a combination of two different forms of NRT is often more effective in helping people quit smoking.

Nicotine Vaping Products

Nicotine vaping products are finished products ready to supply to consumers that:

  • Contain nicotine (whether in base or salt form) in solution
  • Are intended to be vaporised or inhaled using a vaping device (for example an e-cigarette or other electronic nicotine delivery systems)

Common nicotine vaping products are liquid nicotine (for example nicotine e-liquids, e-juices and vape juices). This includes the use of nicotine solution in prefilled nicotine e-cigarettes and pods.

All nicotine vaping products are Schedule 4 (prescription-only medicines). Consumers require a prescription for all purchases.

At Burst Health Pharmacy, we supply and deliver a wide range of commercially available NRT products. Contact us for more information.

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