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Is Cannabis Legal or Illegal in Australia?

While the laws in each state and territory differ slightly, under Australia federal law, it is illegal to grow, sell and use cannabis for recreational use. Federal law covers the entire country.

However federal law also states, that under strict regulation controlled by the Australian Government including the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA):

  • It is legal for approved manufacturers to grow cannabis to be used for medical and scientific purposes
  • Medical cannabis is a legal treatment option which can be prescribed by a doctor but must first be approved by the TGA
  • It is also legal for licensed pharmacies such as ours to sell medical cannabis to patients who have an approved prescription

Due to strict control measures, we and other licensed pharmacies are not allowed to hold any medical cannabis onsite. These medications must be ordered from approved suppliers to fulfil patient’s orders as needed.

Also, even if you gain an approved prescription for medicinal cannabis, it is illegal under federal law for you to grow your own marijuana. It is also illegal to sell your prescribed medicine.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

While the medical research of cannabis is limited, more and more studies involving clinical trials are being performed to show its effectiveness in treating a variety of conditions.

This has led to medicinal cannabis being used to reduce pain and relieve symptoms associated with a variety of conditions. It can also assist with the management of pain and side effects caused by treatments for other illnesses.

In Australia, the TGA has approved applications for using medical cannabis as a treatment for a range of conditions including, but not limited to:

– Chronic Pain – Chemotherapy and cancer pain management

– Anxiety – Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

– Epilepsy – Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

– Neuropathic pain – Insomnia & sleep disorders

– Multiple Sclerosis – Seizure management

However, these approvals are completed on a case-by-case basis and every application does not guarantee approval.

Side Effects of Medical Cannabis

Like all medications, medical cannabis can have side effects. The side effects an individual may suffer can differ greatly based on current medications and health conditions. 

The risk of these side effects should be discussed with your prescribing doctor. Typical side effects include:

– Dry mouth – Drowsiness and fatigue

– Vertigo – Nausea and vomiting

– Fever – Increase in appetite.

– Confusion – Feelings of euphoria with THC.

– Paranoia – Psychosis or cognitive distortion

The side effects and their severity may also depend on the type of medicinal cannabis product consumed and dosage. To reduce symptoms your prescribing doctor usually starts with small, closely monitored doses. 

Always follow your doctor’s instructions with any prescribed medication and inform them of any side effects.

Medical Marijuana Products We Supply

Medical cannabis is derived from the cannabis plant under highly controlled conditions from approved manufacturers. The licensed cannabis suppliers we use include Spectrum Therapeutics, Tilray, Althea and others.

This species of plant contains numerous different cannabinoids. Currently there are two primary cannabinoids that are used in medical treatments as listed below.

Our pharmacy supplies both types of these cannabis medications.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD is a non-psychoactive drug. This means it does not create an intoxicating effect that people usually associate with the recreational use of weed or marijuana.

This cannabis medication comes in the form of an oil, known as CBD oil. CBD is classified as a Schedule 4 (S4) Prescription Only Medication.

Due to its minimal side effects, CBD is normally prescribed by doctors first when used as medical cannabis.

Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

This is the main active ingredient of cannabis which is responsible for many of the pharmacological effects. This includes the psychoactive effect, also known to produce the “high” in recreational uses.

THC is classified as a Schedule 8 (S8) “Controlled Drug”. This form of medical cannabis also requires a prescription from an Australian registered medical practitioner.


Many people know of smoking marijuana due to the illegal recreational culture. Hence there is sometimes a misconception that THC medications need to be smoked.

However, it is well known that smoking produces many dangerous chemicals including tar. Smoking also increases the risk of cancer and other deadly diseases.

To reduce these health risks, some THC medications are best used with a vaporizer. We can supply these to our approved patients where appropriate.

How to Get Medical Cannabis in Australia?

In order to legally obtain medical marijuana in Australia you must first become approved and then find a licensed supplier.

The three steps below outline how to do this.

1. Speak to Your Doctor

Any doctor can prescribe medical cannabis. However, you should always speak with your regular doctor first. They know your unique medical history and will be able to ensure that this form of medication is suitable for you.

Be sure to discuss both the possible benefits and potential side effects.

If your doctor believes the use of medicinal cannabis will be of benefit to you, they first need to gain your consent and then submit an application to the TGA on your behalf.

Within this application the doctor should explain your specific condition/s and outline why medical cannabis is being recommended.

This will usually include other treatments and medications previously used to help treat your condition, or reasons why other products are not clinically suitable.

2. Wait for TGA Approval 

This approval process is conducted on a case-by-case basis. Standard approval times can be around one week, however this all depends on the processing times.

If the TGA decide you are eligible for this form of medical treatment, they will approve your application. Only then will you be able to gain a valid medical cannabis prescription from your prescribing doctor.

3. Buy Your Medication from a Licensed Pharmacy

Burst health pharmacy Compounding is licensed to sell medical cannabis to those with an approved prescription and we welcome all new patients.

Contact us once you have your prescription and we will discuss the process of fulfilling your order.

Need more information on medical cannabis? Contact us today.

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